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Motorsport events are starting to happen again. Initially with motor racing behind closed doors and now with spectators present although with restricted access for instance no paddock access. Rallying is slowly starting up, we do have a couple of events already listed on the Competition Calendar.

Motorsport UK Announcement – Getting Back on Track

Motorsport UK have just released a number of documents of under the heading of “Getting Back on Track” for when we come out of the current crisis. When events start to take place they will need to follow the guidelines in these documents.

The general instructions can be viewed here. There are documents for each of the main areas of Motor Sport which can be found on the above link. The area which affects us the most is headed “Club Sport” and the link to that document is here.

David Roscoe Memorial Dimanche Tour 17th May

Cancelled till next year.

Rapscallion 12 Car

28th February is running with a full entry – Marshals always welcome.

Annual General Meeting 14th January 2020

Published here are the Chairmans Report and a copy of the accounts presented at the meeting.

Chairman’s Report –  2019 Accounts

David Roscoe Memorial Dimanche Tour Sunday 19th May

Photos from the event – Report of the event can be read in our Newsletter here.

David Roscoe

Guildford Motor Club is sad to announce that its last founding member David Roscoe died peacefully at home in Kingswear, Devon on October 20, 2018 aged 87.
David’s obituary can be read here.

McLaren Visit

Members recently enjoyed an informative visit to the McLaren factory.

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