From the Donated Slide Collection

The story behind these pictures is about a few years ago we had a message from a lady in Guildford that she had a collection of slides and other items that she wanted to pass on and were we interested? So we went and had a look and saw a few gems!

It turned out she was the niece of the photographer who was from the Devon and Cornwall area. His name was Terry Kirby. We haven’t been able to find out much about him, except from the pictures and other items. It would appear he travelled a good bit in Europe and had press access at some events. Although, it is apparent we have only part of his collection.

The majority of the slides are Kodachrome and had survived very well. When we got them they were all muddled up but as they are dated we have been able to sort them out and scan them in by year and month. What often takes the time is identifying the subject etc.

Although we have been able to sort them out into events, we need to address the information about each individual photograph.

Each year contains the event and thumbnails of all the pictures, click on the photograph to see it larger and you will also be able to flip through them as well. Be patient they sometimes take a little while to load.

We would like to thank Mark Shannon for identifying a number of pictures of Ferraris in the collection.

We also have a some pictures from a vintage/veteran Milan – San Remo Rally which we cannot date yet. There are also a number of pictures again we cannot date, identify the location or there are one or two pictures.

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Also received with the slides were a number of Colour and Black & White prints which have also been scanned. Some of them we have been able to identify and caption. If you can help with providing more information it will be gratefully received.

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