The Printemps Tour

5th May 2024

Event Report

Pictures from the event can be seen here.

About The Printemps Tour

About the Tour

This is the third running of the Printemps Tour, and each year we attract more and more crews. Last year’s event featured entries from a range of vehicles from a 1923 Model T Ford to the ‘Racing’ Hyundai I10 from 2017. This year, we have included some different roads, as well as the must haves over the North Downs. As with all events of this type, the average speed is set to below 20MPH, so you’ll have plenty of time to take in the scenic views.

As a non-competitive tour, we can have no winner, but we will ask each crew to vote for their favourite car/crew. The car/crew with the most votes will receive a bottle of fizz – which you will be encouraged NOT to spray over everyone.

Pictures from the 2023 event can be seen here

Pictures from the 2022 event can be seen here.

Regulations can be found here and the entry form here

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