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Guildford Motor Club was founded in 1953, by a group of six motoring and motorsport enthusiasts to organise and compete in rallies and races. Within a few weeks of forming, Guildford Motor Club had attracted a sizable number of members, including the legendary F1 Racing driver, Mike Hawthorn.

Guildford Motor Club members compete and marshal on events ranging from Scatters and navigational 12 Cars, which can be entered using a normal family car, to Sprints, Races and Rallies where specially prepared vehicles are usually required. The club also organises a number of 12 car rallies each and Touring Assemblies.

Clubnights are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at The Fox Inn at Fox Corner, Worplesdon, Guildford GU3 3PP. 

Each member also receives a copy of ‘In Tune’, the club’s monthly magazine which contains event reports, features and a Calendar of Events.

Latest News :

The David Roscoe Memorial Dimanche Tour 18th August 2024

Printemps Touring Assembly 5th May 2024

Touring Assemblies

If you would like more information on our two touring assemblies this year then follow this link!

David Roscoe Memorial Dimanche Tour 20th August

A successful event with some 30 cars taking part in the run. Starting at The Fox Inn, saw the entrants taking a winding route to Northchapel for lunch before returning back to The Fox Inn for a well earned refreshment!

As the event is non competitive there is no winner. However, the David Roscoe’s family have put up an award for the Spirit of Participation. This years recipient is Barry Green in his Triumph TR4A. A couple of days before the event Barry phoned Mark to ask if he could come in his normal road car as his Triumph had developed a serious oil leak. Over the next days he repaired the problem and was able come along for the run with no further problems.

Pictures from the event can be seen here with a full report added in the next few days.

Barry and Jennifer Green in their Triumph TR4A.


Thanks to Hamish Roscoe, we are able to provide links to his youtube channel where he is presenting films which were produced by his late father, David Roscoe. See those available here.

Donated Slide Collection

We have been able to put some much needed time into the publication of the Donated Slide Collection. We are pleased to say that we have managed to publish the pictures from 1963 through to 1993. They are need of more captioning hopefully you might be able to help!

The galleries containing the images can be found here.

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